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21 Feb, 2019 09:08

On Wednesday, the EUR / USD currency pair formed a predominantly upward movement, but at the end of the day, buyers could not keep the price at the reached levels and as a result, the trades were completed with zero deviation relative to the opening price.

USD dollar is trading volatility, US equities moved into the red after US weak retail sales

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

The market situation is somewhat reminiscent of deja vu, global markets are again in a sea of green in the first half of the day, supported by positive sentiment about the US-China trade negotiations, and after Bloomberg reports that the US is considering extending the 60-day truce period for China after 1 Martha.

Equity markets show positive sentiment, USD dollar firm

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

World equity markets and US stock futures have been growing for the third day in a row, thanks to the familiar news cycle from the same series of “prospects and hopes for US-China trade agreements, and then markets are disappointed, as US administration takes a tough stance”

Long-awaited USD correction, dollar upward move seems exhausted

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

On Forex, US dollar hit new highs against major currencies today, but in the middle of European session, the momentum seems to have slowed down. Thus, the index designated local maximums in the region of 96.80 points

Equity markets gain as Asian players return back to desks, USD dollar looks unstoppable

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

he return of Chinese players after a week-off seems to be perceived by global markets as a positive fact as global markets welcome Chinese traders with some growth. What if Asian investors are back from the weekend in a great mood.

Ice got broken - USD dollar marked the first signs of pullback after impressive pound sour

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

As it often happens the darkest time is observed before sunrise, and this is what happened in the market today, especially for those who opened positions against the dollar during the previous four trading days. Four trading days, traders discussed only one thing - USD dollar is strengthening on the weakness of other currencies, there are no real driver for dollar growth.

USD dollar keeps on gaining, US president speech in market focus

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

On Tuesday, global equity markets retain restrained positive sentiment. Exactly on Monday, investors decided to the full extent to play out US Non-farm data released on Friday. Equity markets displayed good results and reached two-month highs.

USD dollar growth accelerate the pace

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

The new trading week starts quietly and somewhat low-active amid thin market and restrained news background. Global markets so far retain positive sentiment and displays some optimism. We need to escalate the Friday Non-Farm data as this statistic seems to seize the initiative and will provide influence for the new weak.

Contrary to expectations - the strongest data on the US labor market

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

We received official data on the state of the US labor market in the first month of 2019. First, January was a record month for job growth: last month, United States added a magnificent 304,000 job positions, almost double the expected value of 165,000, although, apparently, most of this was due to a revised December number.

High-level trade talk in Washington in the market focus today

21 Feb, 2019 09:08

Wednesday trading session was full of strategical and interesting data and ended with impressive rally of global equities. US SP 500 gained 1.55% and reached the area above 2780 points. As it was widely expected US general regulator left the main rate unchanged 2,25-2,5%, but FOMC head Jerome Powell’s comments were in the overall spotlight.

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