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A short-term pause?

Despite the Asian sales the, European markets today attempt to grow. Trading day ended negatively for Europe and the indices renewed the minimums of 2013 based on the strengthening Euro and problems with the securities of the banking sector and sales of commodity shares. Today, investors tried to buy securities at the reached levels due to the slightly stronger oil market and the upcoming release of an important set of statistics regarding the economic growth. On average, the European indices grew by 1%. The Asian trading day ended in the red zone and again with a new low levels. The Japanese Nikkei dropped by 4% against the growing yen. The US market were actively traded yesterday and also updated the last year’s minimums. Today, the futures on the American indices are correcting and they grew by 0.5% on average.

Yesterday, the oil market held on to the level of 30-30.11 dollars per barrel. As the analysts from Fort Financial Services said before, oil quotes returned to the level of $31.77 per barrel. At the start of the new week and with the return of the Chinese participants we expect quotations to grow to 32.30 and further to 33.65 dollars per barrel.

The first half of the day on the FOREX market passed peacefully. During its correction, the US dollar replayed the losses suffered yesterday in the main currency pairs EUR/USD, Swiss franc and the Japanese yen. The market seems to be in some sort of a consolidation and uncertainty before the resumption of the strong movement. We will see later whether it is the continuation of the past days’ movement, which is typical for a negative market.

The background of global news remained negative and the markets are subject to an increased turbulence. There's pressure on the market because of: the fears of the economic slowdown in China and now in the US, weak corporate accountability, and strengthening deflationary processes. The chairman of the Federal Reserves did not go on about the markets and confirmed the policy of a gradual rise in interest rates. It seems that after the second speech of the Federal Reserves’ chairman, the chances of the interest rate increase in March is now higher. How events unfold we will see today with the opening of US markets.


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