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Looks like that the [a] wave seemed to finish its formation. The diagonal triangle is formed on [5] earlier.  However, it’s required to wait for the price lowering resuming prove to which could be the cline formation ending on (i).



It seems that the ascending move happens by (5) wave. Zigzag was formed on (4) earlier. Therefore recently the cline is formed that might easily become the 1 wave. Due to that correction might start its formation as for short-terms.



Looks as the (ii) completed its formation on Japanese Yen be end of last week. Ascending impulse on (i) was formed earlier. As a result the price growth resuming in frames of forthcoming (iii) wave could be expected in future.



The [iii] wave seems to end its double zigzag shape taking due to which the (y) also completed its previous formation. Prove of the price lowering resuming will be the bearish impulse formation in direction of [iii]


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